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Scoob interviewed me with the following five questions:)

1)What food have you tried that you never, ever want to eat again?

Coconut. I absolutely despise it with a passion. If there’s even a hint of coconut in something I can taste it. I hate the taste of it, the smell of it, the texture of it – absolutely everything about it.

2)What is a place you desperately want to go before you die?

New York City at Christmas. I’ve never been to the states, but I’ve always wanted to go to New York at Christmas. I’d also like to go to New Zealand but don’t think I’d survive the flight :(

3)If reincaration is real, what do you want to come back as?

Kim Raver – to see what all the fuss is about. Or failing that, one of those beautifully expensive, pampered cats. The ones that spend their time lounging in front of a warm fire and a TV, occasionally being preened, petted and pampered. But no mice. I don’t do mice.

4)If you could write for 24 what would you change (besides killing Audrey and putting JC together)?
So. Not. Fair!! Okay, so if I can’t get rid of Audrey and I can’t put J/C together…I’d probably get rid of Morris. I know lots and lots of people really like him, but he just creeps me out big time. I hate the way he talks to Milo, and sometimes how he talks to Chloe. Plus, just to set the record straight – that man is not Irish. I’ve come across a few people who think he is. He’s as Irish as the queen of England!

And I’d bring Chase back, because I really liked him :)

5)What's your favorite curse word?

To be honest, I don’t curse that much, and apart the stereotypically Irish ‘Jaysus, Mary and Joseph,’ and other variants (which I’m sure don’t count), the only curse word I really use is ‘bollocks.’ So I guess that’s my favourite!

So now, if there's anyone out there who would like me to interview them,just let me know in a comment to this post ;)

Edited for my poor grasp of basic grammer! Honestly!
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