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Facing the Facts about Jack/Chloe

A little bit of a rant, but really more of an acceptance... It might contain a few rumours and spoilers, but nothing major.

This morning I finally made my peace with the creators/writers of 24 and my infatuation with Jack/Chloe. I've come to the realisation that Jack/Chloe will never happen on the show. While I'm disappointed with this, in truth it's a relief.

Yes, we're only a few episodes into Season six, and I do try not to get too morbid about these things, especially since it's only a TV show but I love Jack/Chloe! And it's just gotten a bit too much recently. What with the whole Morris/Chloe/Milo thing they have going on and all these rumours about them playing the whole 'Audrey is dead!' plot, but really playing the 'Audrey is kidnapped' plot again (I think she's been kidnapped in all three seasons she's appeared in!). I've just given up hope of ever seeing Jack/Chloe together.

Kim Raver seems to be a very popular person on the 24 set, and I'm sure she's a lovely person in real life. I don't hate her for being friends with the producers and Kiefer Sutherland, and I can even understand his reluctance to see Raver go for good - who would want to get rid of a friend you enjoy working with? And when it seems her character's only reason for being is to be as Jack's love interest, I think it's unlikely they'll get rid of that relationship. Kiefer's recent comments about Audrey being the love of Jack's life (completely ignoring Terri) and her being the only thing that kept him going in China just cement in my mind his wish to keep the character Audrey and the Jack/Audrey relationship on the show.

It's not that I blame the writers either, I don't (well not really!). I mean it's quite possible that they just don't 'get' Jack/Chloe, just like I don't get Jack/Audrey, or Audrey in general. I don't see her reason for being in the show at all, apart from being Jack's emotional, unpredictable girlfriend - but that's a rant for another day. I don't know if they don't get Jack/Chloe or if they just don't want to get Jack/Chloe. I just can't stand the God awful Jack/Audrey scenes that we've been subject to last season.

I'm not announcing that I no longer love Jack/Chloe, or that I plan on leaving the fandom, because that's not true. I'll still write the odd story here and there and make a few icons. And I'll definitely read all the excellent Jack/Chloe stories out there! ;o) I'm just saying, without wishing to dampen the hopes of others, that I have no expectations whatsoever that the writers and producers of 24 will ever put Jack and Chloe together. And I'm okay with that.

Sort of.
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