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Melody made a fantastic 24 vid and I loved it, but was alos slightly depressed thinking I wouldn't see the actual scenes for ages. Then, today I find out 24 season six is starting on Sunday on Sky One, and I only found out about it! I cannot believe I didn't know. My twelve year old brother told me about it, and the only reason he told me was because Kiefer's episode of the Simpsons is on for their '24 night.' When did I get so lax about watching out for 24 related stuff??

It reminds me of the time I got the season 4 box set and my sister, who was not into 24 at the time, sat down to watch the first episode with me. And we all know the scene where Jack meets Chloe again, and our conversation went something like this:

Sis: So, did those two used to go out?

Me: What?! No. Why?

Sis: (snorts) Are you kidding me? Look at them. She is so into him, and he sure as hell is into her!

I didn't catch onto Jack/Chloe until much later in the season, my younger sister who had no interest in the show picks up on it straight away. Even after seeing the gross Jack/Audrey scenes. She is of course now an avid 24 fan, but it was quite a sad moment for me.

Anyway, at least 24 is on Sunday night!

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