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Margaret & Thornton

Site Move!

I finally moved the site from Geocities to Sitesled. Geocities was just getting too annoying!

It's not all there yet, there's pics and stuff missing but the majority of it is there and there's a new Jack/Chloe layout. So for anyone who wants to see it it's here at http://miracledreamer.sitesled.com/


Nice job, Claire!
Thanks Melody! I meant to say the last time - I love that Audrey icon you have. Lol! Made me laugh out loud and I got a few funny looks from co-workers!
I have a couple of them actually. lol

This one and ...
This one, too.
Okay, how could you possibly choose between the two? They're just so apt! ;p They're fantastic. Love them both, the shrew one's particularly funny.