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Jane Eyre Icons

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[music| In and Out of Love - Bon Jovi]

The Daniel/Janet ficathon took place last week, and it just reminded me what fun writing for Stargate, and Daniel/Janet in particular, was.

I haven't written anything realting to Staragate in about a year I guess. I might start doing more stuff for that again. I tend to get into little obsessive phases and at the moment it's Jane Eyre because of the lateste,excellent, BBC adaptation. Which is why I've made some more icons. Enjoy! :)


These icons are wonderful! Just wonderful! I like especially the last four:D
Great work!
Thank you! I'm glad you like them :) I think the purple one of Rochester is my personal favourite!
Oh so lovely and whimsical.
Thanks :)


Absolutely. Gorgeous. =) x
Thank you. Glad you like them
Gorgeous, will grab and of course credit.