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[mood| Sad]
[music| Nothing]

I did some icons of the new BBC version of Jane Eyre. Loving Toby Stephens as Mr Rochester ;D It's so sad it all has to end tonight! Anyway, Enjoy! :)


Thank you! yeah, I loved that scene with Jane & Rochester as well. Great fun!
Taking and will credit the tree one and the last one. They're all lovely- and I can't wait for tonight!
Glad you like them :) I can't wait until tonight either. I'm counting down the minutes ;p
Very Nice!!! I love them! I will be sangging a few and of course will give you props!
Thank you. I hope you enjoy them :)
I just wanted to say I love your CSI header!!

Gorgeous icons, too! I haven't been able to see Jane Eyre yet, but I can't wait.
Lol! I didn't make the CSI header, it was made by another GSR Shipper! But, I'm more than happy to use it!
Those are some of my favorite scenes. Thanks so much for making them. I'll credit if I use any.
These are some of my favourite scenes as well. Glad you like them!
By the way, I love your Grissom and Sarah layout! I'm really glad they're together. They make a sweet couple :)--and it was about time that both characters got a little lovin' LOL.
I love the header as well, but I didn't make it. I swear, I squealed like a three year old when I saw Grissom & Sara together. I couldn't believe a couple I ship *actually* got togehter. It's fantastic. Long live GSR!!
I love your icons! All my favourite scenes are here :). You are a very talented icon-maker! Awesome # 7,8,9! Really awesome!
Thank you very much! I just practice as follow some of the tutorials around. Glad you like the icons, take and enjoy! :)
Snagged 'overwhelmed' (my favourite Toby line and eyebrows!), and the don't go Jane one. Will credit your lovely work when used.

and now it's over *sniff*
Thanks so much, glad you like them. Take & enjoy!

P.S. I share your pain. Don't know what I'll do now next Sunday:(
Lovely Icons! Where did you get your screencaps from?
Thanks! I actually made the screencaps myself from the clips provided to the community by blancwene