Claire (day_dream_girl1) wrote,

[mood| Giddy]
[music| Who Says You Can't Go Home?- Bon Jovi]

I notice I seem to be listening to Bon Jovi a lot when I update my journal. Interesting...

Anyway, this is just a quick update, because bottledsky made this cool new layout for bytesize that I just couldn't pass by. I just love it. It's fantastic! If something like this happened in 24 with Jack/Chloe, I would just be in heaven! Still we can dream...

Speaking of which, I'm working on a few fics. One for the Jack/Chloe ficathon and another one that I started before I nearly died of heat in Paris. It was driving me up the walls before I went to France, and is still driving me mad after I arrived back. But I'm hoping to have it sorted out by the weekend and update then too. Hopefully!
Tags: layout, update

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