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As you all know, the website hasn't been properly updated for ages! That's not to say I've forgotten about it though :) It's just that it's summer, and football season and I'm working full time now and it's all just really hectic at the moment. In the last three weekends I've had a lot of things going on. Between exams, football matches, sibling squabbles and buying a car (which is just a whole new set of problems for me!) I've just not had the time to properly sit down, think out the way I want the stories to go and write them!

(See? I knew if I got a livejournal, I'd just end up whinging and whining on the thing! Even though I still haven't figured out how to use it properly!)

Anyhow, I haven't forgotten "Fallen" or "Winifred". I know where they're going and I've a good bit of later scenes written for both. It's just the stuff in the middle I have to sort out! I've also got another West Wing story in the very, very early stages in the works. It's a sequel to "Watching Over You" and "Keeping Watch," so it'll just, hopefully, round up the previous two stories and give it a kind of ending. Maybe then the odd e-mails I get asking for a sequel will stop;D Only kidding, I love getting your e-mails.

BTW, how beautiful is the icon I'm using? It's made by roguexninja , I'm just loving Phantom of The Opera at the minute. I went to see the Musical in London and just fell in love with it. And then coming home and watching the movie on DVD...Gerard Butler...need I say more?

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