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Music Video - CSI

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This is a little unusual for me. I don't do music vids, I just don't. But, (and I do feel a bit guilty for this!), I heard this song "Push" by Sarah McLaughlin through a fanmix made for the Jack/Chloe fandom, and as soon as I heard it, it immediately made me think of Grissom & Sara from CSI. I've never done anything for CSI, because it's one of my 'quieter' fandoms, but this just would not stop bugging me until I made it. I have a whole new respect for vidders now though. The patience you need for this stuff is unbelievable! This is a once off, it will not happen again!!!

So, if you want to see my first, and final, attempt at video making, you can see it here.
Tags: csi, music vids

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