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24 icons

[mood| Playful]
[music| Prayer '94 - Bon Jovi]

I've added a few more 24 icons, mainly Chloe & MLR



Ohh, i see that you like J/C and Bon Jovi too, i love BJ.
I added you, ok? Hope you add me back.

Sure I'll add you. Oh My God, how could you *not* love Bon Jovi! I went to see him a few weeks ago when he was playing in Croke Park in Dublin, and they blew me away, it was fantastic!


Ahh you're so lucky. I'm brazilian so i'm hoping that they'll come here next year or at the end of this year. The last concert here was in 95, almost eleven years ago! That's great, to find fans of the band here, you have msn???

Oh sorry i replied as anonymous...LOL