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24 icons

[mood| Silly]
[music| My Immortal - Evanescence]

I've gone a bit 24 mad lately, and particularly Chloe/Jack mad :) So, I've made a few icons....

All comments are appreciated!

My resources are listed on my user info page.


Awhhh! Those are sooo cute!
thanks, glad you like them :)
I saved the first animation ! :D
Hope you enjoy it! ;D
Sure ! it's a great one and I love this scene!!!
Thank you! I have to admit I love that scene myself, perhaps a bit too much. I could just sit and watch it over and over and over agian.....
haha me too ! First time I saw it, I just couldn't believe it so I go back to watch it again !lol
Great icons and i took the first animation too.
Enjoy! Glad you like them :)
You did a great job with these icons! Snagged some and definitely the animated ones. Thank you and will credit. :)
Thanks, I'm glad you like them, hope you enjoy them!
The hug! I adore the hug.

Thanks for these!
You're welcome. As for the hug...who doesn't love it ;p
SWEET! Totally took the animation. Thanks! :)
Oh, and you made an icon from a cap I so desperately desired of Jack biting his nails... sigh....had to grab it to. Total love.
Thank you! The animation seems to be a bit of a hit :) Yeah, I love that cap too. Makes him look a little more human, and little less like superman ;)
I agree. :)
Sure! Take what you want, whenever, I don't mind :)