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More Icons

[mood| happy]
[music| Music Of The Night - Gerard Butler]

I've made a few more icons for:
Harry Potter (1)
Phantom of the Opera (6)
Emmy Russom (1)
Gerard Butler (2)
Sense & Sensibility (1)
Lost (2)

Phantom Of The Opera

Emmy Rossum

Gerard Butler


Sense & Sensibility

Harry Potter


Oh, and I almost forgot...my resources can be viewed on my userinfo page :)


Lyke omgz! Emmy Rossum, Gerard Butler, Phantom, Harry Potter, AND Lost?! I think I love you! haha ;) These were really good! I especially like the Emmy and second Christine icons. Keep it up! :)
Thanks, glad you like them :)
Lovely Gerard and Lost icons. Great job!
Thank you :)