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24 Finale

I finally got to see the 24 finale last night, and managed to get through the last two weeks without being spoiled. And it was sooooo worth it :)

I don't know what I was expecting from the finale, there had been a lot of seemingly positive activity on [info]chlack when it was first aired, so I thought it must have some good Jack/Chloe, but I was trying to stop myself from getting too excited.

But wow! I couldn't have asked for any more from the final of the series. It was so fantastic! Chloe going searching for Jack, Jack turning on her begging her not to fight it as he held her in a stranglehold and then placed her oh so carefully down on the floor before handcuffing her.

I loved how Chloe was the one to talk him down and get him to realise how crazy he was being. And she was so not afraid of him, she knows him well enough to know he wouldn't ever really hurt her. But she's clearly had a lot of practice in the shooting arena, because I don't know how else she could shoot him and not hit any vital organs ;p And you know Jack bit Pillar's ear off because he was a litle bit too vigorous in patting down Chloe ;)

I also liked that President Taylor came to her senses in the end and stopped the Russians and Logan on their little power trip. Although the moral of 24 seems to be that as good as your intentions are, once you become president you end up in the dark side for at least a little while!

But that final scene, that was just....amazing! Keifer and Mary Lynn were fantastic and acted their socks off! Who would have thought it would be Chlack that would make the final scene? It was sooo chlacky too, I couldn't believe it. That's as close as I think Jack can come to admitting his feelings for Chloe. I loved that she was the one he chose to call in the end before he disappeared, and that he trusted her to look after his family.

Plus he knows her well enough to know she needed that final reassurance that he knew everything she did that day, and every other day, was to protect him. And that look at the end....

Goodbye 24, I couldn't have asked for a better ending. And thank you Mary Lynn & Keifer for bringing two fabulous characters to life.
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