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The end of Lost & 24

I watched the Lost finale on Monday night, and I have never been so glad that I refused to let myself be completely drawn in by the series.
Spoilers for Lost and Ashes to Ashes

I still don't know what the deal is with island though, or what the light was. Or how Hugo & Ben ran the island, or what happened when Claire, Sawyer and Kate landed back home - if they landed back home. Did Kate & Sawyer spend the rest of their lives mourning Jack & Juliet? Why did Jack create a world where he and Juliet were married and had a child? Was that limbo world real, or all just part of Jack's imagination? Ok, probably not part of Jack's imagination but the rest of the questions that haven't been answered just bugged me.

I liked the ending between Jack and his Dad though, which is surprising because Jack bugs me. But the ending reminded me quite a bit of the ending of the BBC Series Ashes to Ashes. In both of them the main characters are all dead but don't realise it and have created a type of limbo world/purgatory that we don't find out about until the last episode. And both ended with said characters walking towards the bright light of a 'better place.' I just thought it was funny that both shows ended up the same way on the same weekend.

I did watch Lost every week when it was on, but I wasn't obsessed by it, thank God. I will admit that I did ship Sawyer/Kate, but that had more to do with the fact that I adored Sawyer/Josh Holloway. Kate and Jack both annoyed me - Jack with his self obsession and Kate with her indecisiveness and fickleness flitting between Jack & Sawyer.

I guess the only reason I shipped Skate was because Sawyer wanted Kate and I wanted Sawyer to be happy. So I wasn't too put out when Sawyer ended up with Juliet in the end.

I did have a WTF?! moment at Kate's declaration on the island to Jack though. I thought it came out of nowhere when TPTB seemed to be building up skate all season. So I am thrilled I did not become a die hard Lost fan or Skate fan. Because the Skaters got well and truly screwed in that finale, God love them, and if I'd let myself become invested in the series I would have been devastated.

And 24, has ended as well! There is a lot of activity going on in [info]chlack today but I am avoiding temptation since Sky is two weeks behind the US. I can only assume with the amount of posts that only good things happened ;)

Hopefully it will be good enough to make up for the fact that 24 is now over as is the ever hopeful wish that TPTB might actually do something to improve the Jack/Chloe relationship.

But as one fandom closes another one opens.

I have become a gleek.


I really don't need this, but Emma/Will and Rachel/Finn are just too cute to ignore. ;) Plus that show is just ridiculously silly. How could you not love it?
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