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Ten/Donna - Sepia

Doctor Who Fic: Echo - Post Journey's End

Title: Echo
Author: Claire
Disclaimer: Doctor Who and all its characters are owned by the BBC and all those associated with the production of the series. I'm merely using their characters for entertainment and non-monetary purposes.
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Donna, Doctor, Jenny
Warnings: Post JE, so definite spoilers.
Summary: A moment on a busy London Street. Prompt #23 - Whisper from here
Author notes: I tend not to do drabbles because I'm hopeless at keeping to the 100 words, and this was no exception! Although I did manage to cut it down from 350 words to 125, so not so bad in all!

So many people milling around, and yet it was him that caught her attention. A skinny man with a young blonde.

Donna froze catching the attention of the girl, her face quickly lighting up. Taking a step towards her, she was hauled back by the dark haired man, staring hauntingly at Donna. Something in the back of her mind sparked to life, a presence, but disappeared as quickly as it appeared when he broke eye contact. He was talking urgently to the girl by his side and her eyes dulled turning away.

She didn’t know how, but was certain it was his voice she felt echo through her mind.

“Donna, run!”

Suddenly, the side of the building opposite exploded and she didn’t hesitate. She ran.


Excellent drabble. Perhaps room for continuation? ;)
Maybe, if I'm struck by a flash of inspiration ;)
Thank you! I might continue this, if I can come up with something good enough :) Second nschick's comment. Fabulous icon!
I never honestly thought about continuing it, but now that it's been mentioned a few times it does get me thinking, and I'm beginning to see where I could take it. So, I'll definitely maybe have a sequel ;p
I loved this :)
Thank you :D
Oh, so intriguing! Please continue if you can. :D
I'm working on it at the moment. Thanks for commenting & I <3 your icon :D