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More Doctor/Donna Graphics

I absolutely love the Doctor & Donna, and I was so gutted with how Donna's story ended last week, but I made a few more graphics for you all :)



Doctor & Donna - The Best of Friends

Donna Noble - For one shining moment she was the most important woman in the Universe.

Memories - The moments that made up our life together

Doctor & Donna black & white

Doctor & Donna - Universal Heroes

1/2 Doctor 1/2 Donna

1/2 Doctor 1/2 Donna - smaller

As always, my resources are listed on my profile page.


oh wow i adore those banners great work have snagged a few thank you
Thank you, enjoy :)
I love the memories one, it's great! Oh, and the last one makes me giggle, the look on their faces is just priceless.
Thanks, glad you like them :)
Thank you :)
Brilliant! Have totally snagged 1/2 Doctor 1/2 Donna. Thank you!
You're welcome :)
The Doctor Donna Best of Friends one is gorgeous - snagged it, thank you! :)
Thank you, glad you like it!
nicked everthing will be using some of those icons credited of course
I love the icons, will be snagging some of those icons.
Feel free to take whatever you want. <3 the icon btw ;)
Oh, the memories one choked me up. I love these all, and I'll probably be snagging something from here and will most definitely credit.
Memories is my favourite, glad you liked them :)
I *love* those banners and may have to snag one. I will credit if I do, of course :)
Take as many as you want ;)
Completely gorgeous!
Thank you!
awww, I love these! taking some icons and shall credit! ^^ thanks!
Thank you, and enjoy :)