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Doctor & Donna pointing

Doctor Who Graphics

I love Doctor/Donna, I think they're great together, shippy, friendship or otherwise. I was playing around with Photo Shop over the past few days, and I came up with a few banners I thought I'd share :)


They are gorgeous!!!
Thank you :)
These are absolutely awesome - is there anyway you can resize the tourists image for an LJ header? I would love to use it. :D
Yeah, I should be able to. What size would you like?
Oh thank you!!! I think 800x280 would work....Im honestly not sure but I just messed with my journal a bit and came up with the above numbers. Thanks again!
How about this

I've had to crop it a bit to keep the proportions right, but if you're not happy with it I can have another look at it tomorrow evening :)
Awesome - thank you very much! If you don't already fan vids on top of creating beautiful grafics, I would be happy to edit a Doctor/Donna video tribute to a song of your choice.
Thank you so much! I don't know how anyone could not love Donna/Doctor. Yeah, I'm a bit of a Chloe/Jack fan from 24 too ;)


SO snagging! with due credit of course!

LOL also love ur mood theme! xD
Thank you! Take whatever you want. I'm completely in love with my mood theme too, but I can't take credit for it, it was made by peaces_icons and allysonsedai
oooh! cool! TY for mentioning...:) YW!
Completely gorgeous! Will probably snag one or more when I figure out how to apply it to my lj.
Thank you, and feel free to take whatever you want :)
Wow, I really like those. You took some great images! I especially like the first and last -- in the very final still of the latter, she looks a bit like Ten! All long coat and hands in the pockets, awesome.
I love Catherine Tate, and that image is one of my favourite of Donna Noble :)
Pretty, I'm snagging the tourists one *g*
Enjoy ;)
So pretty! I hope you don't mind if I snag the tourist one for my profile header?
Of course not. Enjoy!