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Bon Jovi Concert at Punchestown

Bon Jovi were playing in Punchestown (who's name is sooo deceptive because there is no town, just an awful lot of fields!) yesterday, and they completely and utterly rocked!!

I was even thinking about not going because I felt ill, even on the way down, but I didn't really have much of a choice, and to be honest, it was worth it ;p

We left at ten in the morning, which I thought was a bit early since they weren't playing until eight thirty, but as it turns out there were people there from seven in the morning. Now that is hardcore.

It was such a warm, sunny day, I think it took us all by surprise, we brought rain coats and jackets, knowing the Irish weather. We arrived before one and the gates didn't open until three so we didn't have a choice except to sit around and bake. We never even thought about suncream until it was too late, and today I bear the scars of that mistake! It was so hot, and there wasn't even a babys breath of a breeze for a good while, until Kid Rock started playing sometime after five. Who, by the way, was brilliant. I was never a huge fan, but he worked the crowd brilliantly!!! Plus he sang 'Pictures' the song he cut with Sheryl Crowe and I completely love that song. I couldn't believe it when he played it, the girl in front of us started crying when he sang it. A little extreme I thought...

Razorlight were up just before Bon Jovi, and really they were pretty crap. The lead singer, whos name I can't remember, said Hello after the first song and thank you before the last and said nothing else in between. I knew about three songs he sang in total, and by the time it came to the last song, 'Made In America' I really just wanted them to finish!

At long last, after hours of standing around surrounded by some downright weird people, the scream went up and they appeared on stage. We were just three or four rows behind the golden circle barrier so we had a great view. And, My God, they were brilliant.

They opened with Lost Highway which had everyone really up and ready for the rest of the night. Mr Bon Jovi himself was just looking great and was singing even better. They only played about three or four songs from the new album, (which disappointed me a bit becuase I wanted them to play 'You Wanna Make A Memory,' but they didn't) and most of their stuff was from their old albums.

While singing 'In These Arms,' some girl jumped on stage and literally clung to the man, she was wrapped around him, legs and all and he didn't have a choice except to hold onto her or else they both could have falled off the front of the stage. Security tried to take her away but she was having none of it, and he brushed them aside. Until he opened his mouth to sing the next verse...then she went in for the kill. Full kiss on the mouth. All you could hear over the speakers was a half mumble, half laugh, before she kind of flung herself back and security caught her and took her away. I think he was kind of shocked, at the end of the song he was laughing nervously, but telling security to let her back into the venue and not kick her out. Lucky bitch. I think the entire female population was jealous of her.

He sang a load of stuff he didn't do the last time he was in Ireland - Bed of Roses, Always, etc. And he sang a cover of 'Mercy' and 'Hallelujah,' which was just beautiful. They were on stage for at least two and a half hours, maybe even more with the encore. There was a girl in the front row in the golden circle who had a sign wanting them to sing 'These Days' and when they came on for the second encore, they had a bit of a group discussion and then they sang 'These Days', and when they did he bent down to the girl in the front row, winked at her and took her hand!!!! SO JEALOUS!!!

The crowd erupted during 'Have A Nice Day' and 'Living On A Prayer' was just....there are no words to describe what it was like in that crowd. It was just brilliant, I think it might even have been better than when he played Croke Park in Dublin two years ago. They're absolutely astounding live and sound fantastic. I think I'm still on a high after it and it will take me a few days to come down and process it properly :D I'd tell anyone to go see them, they do not disappoint! It was just phenomenal, even if my feet did ache and, for a short while after the concert seemed to refuse to function properly! It was definitely worth it and I'm already looking forward to the next time they come back! Hopefully it will be soon!!!!!
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