May 27th, 2006


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Author’s Notes: Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone who has reviewed this story. I have been truly amazed and astonished by the amount of reviews I have received because of it. The 24 fandom and the Jack/Chloe fans in particular, has been definitely one of the most active and vocal in giving feedback that I have ever been involved in, and I cannot really say how motivating it is for me to see that my little story has been appreciated. I really am grateful that you’ve all taken the time to review, and I try to answer all of them if I can.

Secondly: I haven’t seen the 24 finale, but there’s a scene in this that may be reminiscent of one of the scenes in the finale. I wrote part of this a few weeks ago, and that scene was written before I heard anything about what happened in 24. So, I didn’t actually steal anything from the show, although it may appear a bit that way.

Thirdly…..I apologise for the appalling lateness of this final chapter. I had originally planned to write it last Monday fortnight and have it posted the following Tuesday night, as I had the time off work. Unfortunately, I got called in on my day off and work has been pretty hectic since. Thankfully, I managed to get my days off the past two days and I finally got it written. So, this is it, the third and final chapter of “Stuck In A Moment.” I hope it lives up to some of your expectations, but I have my doubts if it’s what you were expecting…..

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