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Kim Raver's new show

I just saw the preview for Kim Raver's new show "Lipstick Jungle," and from the looks of it, I'd say it's going to be a hit.


I can only hope this would mean the end of Audrey and the awful 'love of Jack's life' schmaltz we've been subject to this year and last. And while I know Jack & Chloe will never in a million years ever get together on the show, I could only wish they get back some of the friendship next year they've depleted this year. I doubt it but I can hope!

I wish Kim Raver well in her future career, I might even tune in when we get LJ over here. I have to admit, it looks a bit interesting, like Sex & The City, but for some reason I get the feeling it won't have the same pezaz and uniqueness that S&TC had. Still, I'd be more than happy to be proven wrong :D


I've given up even watching the show ... whomever is in love with Kim Raver has ruined the show in Audrey's name. They say they love doing more of what the viewers hate because at least they're not yawning. Well, I hope they'll enjoy their dropping ratings, too. lol They're not hating or yawning ... they're just not watching.
Hi Mel!!!

Yeah, it's been a pretty sad season so far. The complete and utter decimation of the Jack/Chloe dynamic has been absolutely amazing. I was actually watching an episode the other day, and I just spent the whole time thinking 'what the hell happened to Chloe and are her and Jack even friends anymore?'

I find it amazing that with the ratings falling they've admitted the show wasn't up to standard, but Howard Gordon still refuses to say that they've made a mistake in trying to make Chloe 'more mature.' But if this new show is a success at least there'll be even less Audrey! :D