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Jun. 18th, 2013


Jaime/Brienne Graphics & Icons

I've watched Game of Thrones and now adore Jaime/Brienne. Didn't expect it to happen, but it did and they inspired my creative juices ;)

We can't help who we loveCollapse )

Oct. 2nd, 2012


Once Upon A Time - 2x01 icons

Icons from the season premiere and promo stills. Spoilers for 2x01, obviously ;)

Season 2 icons behind the cutCollapse )

Jun. 7th, 2012


OUAT, Belle/Rumpelstiltskin icons

OUAT icons behind the cut. Spoilers for Season 1 Finale :)Collapse )

Mar. 17th, 2012


Writer's Block: Kiss me, I’m Irish!

How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?

I watched the parade on television and am currently curled up lovely and warm in my green top and cardigan with a hot cup of coffee watching the All-Ireland club finals from Croke Park.

Lá Féile Phádraig diabh go léir!

Mar. 9th, 2012


OUAT Belle & Rumpel Icons

Icons behind cutCollapse )

Feb. 26th, 2012

Snow White & Prince Charming

Writer's Block: Once Upon a Time

What is your favorite fairytale, and why?

I'm a sucker for fairytales, and my absolute favourite has to be 'Beauty & the Beast.' It always has been, ever since I was a little girl. I adored Belle so much. She was a lover of books, kind, intelligent, brave, not swayed by flattery or a handsome face, what was not to love?

And, I have to admit, I still have a little musical figurine of Belle I got as a present from Disneyland sitting on my chest of drawers. I wore out our old video and then got about three different versions on DVD. I am a little obsessed with B&B and I was surprisingly delighted when I saw Once Upon A Time's version of the story. For me, Beauty & the Beast is the Fairytales all others aspire to ;p

Jan. 16th, 2012



Benedict Cumerberbatch as Sherlock Holmes rocks!!
Molly Hooper is a Superhero and Molly/Sherlock is adorable.
Roll on Series 3
That is all

Mar. 18th, 2011


Icon Post

I decided to get back into icon making and tested out a few icons below. As always my resources can be found on my profile page, and if I've missed anyone, just let me know:)

001-004 Heroes - Sylar/Claire
005-010 Doctor Who - Doctor/Donna
011-015 Gossip Girl - Dan/Blair
016-016 Glee - Finn/Rachel

Throught the darkness to the break of the day.Collapse )

Mar. 17th, 2011

Kate Winslet Purple

Theme Change

I felt it was time for a change on my Livejournal. They have some really nice themes up :)

Happy St. Patrick's Day everybody!

Jan. 25th, 2011


New Doctor Who Fic: Hello, Goodbye (Doctor/Donna)

I can't believe it's been so long sice I posted anything! I found this on the hard drive the other day and decided to polish if off and share it with you :)

Title: Hello, Goodbye
Disclaimer: Doctor Who and all its characters are owned by the BBC and all those associated with the production of the series. I'm merely using their characters for entertainment and non-monetary purposes.
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Ten, Donna, Wilf, Sylvia
Warnings: Character Death, Post JE, so definite spoilers. AU
Summary: The tardis has brought the Doctor to London unexpectedly.

The bark was rough and crumbling beneath his fingers tipsCollapse )

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